Risograph print from Weather Report, 2018
Weather Report, 2018, split-screen video,10:05
In collaboration with Kerry Downey

Weather Report (2018), balances landscape and portraiture through the video’s two channels. A natural shoreline, infused with the ethereal plumes of artificially colored smoke, meets a diminutive white cube, in which the artists navigate the relation between their bodies and the physical surround. Entanglements of the body and the environment, the object and the subject, manifest in Seitz and Downey’s movement, revealing relations of mutual care, interdependence and shared process through measured choreography. An accompanying publication with an essay by Christian Camacho-Light was published by Wendy’s Subway. 

Let us begin with a story
Please lean closer
In place of my mouth, a podium, a pedestal.
Please lean towards me.

Let us begin with a story
Which reminds me of the weather.
A day and it’s pores
I must have been hot - I heard heat.
In the weeds in the brush in the phrase
in the marsh.
Please lean towards me.

We came here to admit that we need each other, and in
this we locate ourselves in the problems of being people. When we remain uncertain, what kinds of chemicals are released? And when we cannot comprehend our own power, the seasons multiply, our camera sits still.

Atmosphere is the degree to which something is or is not a thing. Relative to where you are, what modes of apprehension, what do the satellites say. Have you noticed how quickly it changes around here? And what do we make of our bodies being together? Relating and not. Together and not.

There is possibility between us – in our occasional overlap. We are events making ourselves present to one another.
A gentle erosion. A slow melt.


Weather Report
Kerry Downey and Joanna Seitz
Essay by Christian Camacho-Light
September 2018 
Printed on Risograph at the Los Angeles Contemporary Archive 
Edition of 125