still from Ajar, 2013, single chanel video

Ajar, 2013, single channel video,17:25
In collaboration with Kerry Downey, featuring Pedro Osorio

Excerpt from a review of Ajar by Abraham Adams, Art Forum, October 2103 In the film, dancer Pedro Osorio enters a hotel room by riding the top half of the door and engages with objects throughout the space in unpredictable ways, for example plunging his head into an ice bucket or holding a painting gently in his teeth—absurdity calling attention to how ensnared the body is by environment... This is at the crux of Natasha Marie Llorens’s curatorial design; she has culled artworks that collapse contradictory meanings into one form. The works on view present the embeddedness of sociocultural and particularly gender-based tensions within materials, which amplify as they cohere into a single aesthetic object. That each artist deals with the body points to the way physicality can act as political resistance in its simplest denominator.- Abraham Adams